Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I went to the most amazing little Italian restaurant in Brooklyn this weekend. We stumbled upon it as a friend of mine was on a crazy search for eggs! (Don't ask but some people just insist on having eggs at 5pm ok! smh lol).
Anyway, after checking out several restaurants on that strip and no luck finding eggs for "brunch", we decided to dine at Dino.

The menu looked interesting and it was a gorgeous day so we ate outside.

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The food is SO GOOD! I had a pear salad -- and I usually don't mix fruit with salad but I tried it and it was delish -- and pasta with lamb. That lamb dish had a much more exotic name but basically it was flat pasta with shredded lamb and YES it was yummy too.

Sorry I didn't take pics of my meals...was too busy inhaling the food! After our meal, we had the pleasure of meeting the chef and the owner...definitely compliments to the chef and many more visits!

To check out the menu please click here: http://dinorestaurantny.com/

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