Monday, August 8, 2011

Beyonce 4

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Just when I thought Beyonce couldn't outdo herself, she has.
Her 4th studio album titled "4" takes her to higher heights vocally and artistically. She is phenomenal!

I LOVE the first track on the album "1+1"! It is SUCH a beautiful song!
When I saw Beyonce perform this on Good Morning America, I was floored by her killer vocals and it re-confirmed, for me at least, why Beyonce is in her own stratosphere. 

Beyonce performing "1+1" on Good Morning America: Summer Concert Series
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Other songs I like from the album are "Party" with Andre 3000 and "Love on Top": both very catchy tunes. 
"End of Time" and "Run the World" have ridic drum beats and rhythms that there's no way you could stay still while listening to them.
Love her or hate her, or even if you're straddling somewhere in the middle, Beyonce is inspiring as an artist and entertainer, and she is DEFINITELY here to stay!
Beyonce performing "1+1" on GMA:

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