Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Watch the Throne" or Watch or Asses ?

I've never been "super-religious". I grew up in a Catholic family and although I do believe in God, I have found that throughout my life there have been a lot of discrepancies and many unanswered questions.
When it comes to the Bible, or talking with others from various religions/ beliefs etc., I have found that interpretation is personal. I have met people who have their own translation, and there are some who do not believe at all. At the end of the day, my belief is in God, be kind to others: keep it simple.

That does not always prove the case of course. Although I DO believe in God and putting good into the Universe, it's definitely not always peace, love and dove with me. I am quick to anger, (dormant road rage) and have to constantly remind myself to be a better person -- hey, I'm a "work-in-progress" like Steve Harvey says.

Lately however, I find some things in this world glaringly outrageous. It comes in the form of art or freedom of speech or whatever umbrella it falls under, and it makes me wonder...

There was Lady Gaga on twitter drinking beer with friends and tweeting "cheers to the 666" (immediate delete), then there was her album with Judas, the cross and from what I've heard a really disturbing video.
Lady Gaga "Judas"

In some interviews Lady Gaga defends the video/ song stating that there were no religious innuendos....(side eye)...moving on...

Now Jay-Z and Kanye West have "Watch the Throne"

The title alone makes me think (maybe too deep) but with songs like "No Church in the Wild" and "Who Gon Stop Me" ....hmmm
And how many of us were tweeting about Beyonce and the Illuminati suspicions (her "Run the World" performance on the Billboard Awards certainly raised a lot of flags/ eyebrows -- see the graphics behind her during her performance below)

Why all the similarities? The crosses? The messages? The symbols?
Coincidence? Artistry? These artists are all very talented, genius in their brand; they run the gamut in the entertainment industry but are we mindlessly bumping our heads to the music or are we really paying attention to the meaning of the lyrics?

I don't have the answers and I am not preaching on something as extensive and emotional as beliefs and religions etc but it certainly is food for thought.

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