Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RIP Gene McDaniels

With Gene McDaniels

I was just beginning my birthday weekend celebrations in Canada when I found out about Gene McDaniels death.
My friend/ music mentor, Ann Ruckert, introduced us and also was the first person to send me the unfortunate news. Ann was the catalyst for Gene and I working on music together... we were working on a project at the time of his passing.
Gene was a wonderful songwriter/composer with Grammy-award winning hits like "Feel like Makin' Love" (Robert Flack), and "Compared to What" which has been recorded by many artists, most recently by John Legend and the Roots.
He was a great person. We only met a few times, and other conversations were via phone since he lived in Maine, but he had such character and strength, yet was soft-spoken and calm.
He will truly be missed.
See Ann's blog on Gene here: http://www.annruckert.com/ann_ruckert/

Here's Gene talking about "Compared to What":

Here's the John Legend and the Roots version:

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