Friday, August 5, 2011

My birthday weekend in Canada

The past couple weeks have been a bit morose with all the news of people passing away, so it was a welcome break to head to Canada for the weekend and celebrate my birthday with loved ones.


You wouldn't think it was only a 3-day getaway the way we were hopping from one place to another, but we managed to squeeze in a tour, party in the streets for Caribana, go shopping, watch a baseball game and party again on my bday.

About to have dinner and watch the game from the hotel
(Toronto Blue Jays won in that game against the Texas Rangers...sorry USA)

Canada is so beautiful and clean, and Canadians seem very proud of their country. Everywhere you turn is the guy even had the maple leaf (from the flag) as air freshener in his car -__- (a bit much but oooook).

We visited the Niagara Falls which isn't listed in the Seven Wonders of the World, but is certainly one of the Seven Wonders of Canada.
It is absolutely breathtaking and an amazement (not to mention it serves as a source of hydroelectric power, and the flow of the falls is regulated by gates at night, and during low tourist season...ok moving on...)

One of the highlights of this trip was going back to the Falls so many years later with my cousins. When we were much younger (and waaaaaay more innocent lol) we went there with family. 

Here we are as kids
it's not a great photo but from left to right - youngest to eldest
(I'm on the right with the big red bow on my head)...

...and here we are, all grown up
(same order)

We also brought the "baby" (in green)
who wasn't born at the time of the original photo

 Here are some other moments of the trip:
Met up with a friend from highschool

Hockey Hall of Fame

My birthday cake: Creme Brulee cheesecake
(since Cakes Galore was not on hand with one of their fab creations)

By the Falls on the US side
The falls on the US side
That little yellow speck at the side of the building is an elevator

Their buses/trolley

The CN Tower

View of the Rogers Center from the top of the CN Tower
through a glass floor!!

View of Toronto from the CN Tower

yes, below me is the street
This glass floor was very intimidating!

Headed to the top of the CN Tower - the skypod!

Rogers Center (the stadium) with the roof closed

With my fam at the Caribana parade


We represent anywhere we go lol (The Trini flag in center)

And the award for best dressed goes to...

I snatched up a couple police officers

Yeah he performed out there JUST for me (or so I'd like to think lol)
Machel Montano
This guy is playing a "hervu" ? or something like that...
I dont' know I thought it a pretty cool instrument

Falls view from the Canadian side
It was a really nice trip!


Laleepop14 said...

Great post boo!!! Canada looks wonderful. I was dying at that dude in the horse hair outfit!!!!! LMAO!!!Glad you had a good time for your bday

S H A M I L said...

I enjoyed ur travel pictures, really interesting, bravo! Greetings from the other worlds "end" :)
The guy plays "er hu" by the way, it is commonly used in China and one of my favorites too, cheers :)

Mandy Bennett said...

Thnx Shamil! Glad you're enjoying the blog!