Sunday, October 30, 2011

One in the hand but still chasing "bush"!

I am primarily speaking for the ladies here (although in some cases the same applies for men) but what is it about men sometimes? They have a good thing "at home" (a good relationship, a good marriage, a good woman in their lives) but they still have to go out there looking?

Is it just human nature to want more?
Is it because they FEEL they are lacking SOMETHING even though they know what they have is good?

Are they confused? Do they have the "dog-and-the-bone" syndrome?

Scared of committment? Scared that someone they love might genuinely love them in return simply for who they are? 


I have seen so many instances (and experienced it myself) where a man is in a wholesome relationship (I say wholesome because nobody / relationship is PERFECT), but they still go "out there" looking for....? WHAT???
Most times these men will even admit to being in love with their partners, and everything is there in terms of a "good" relationship...YET they have a plan B, or jump ship....even before the ship is sinking lol

...and ladies, don't whip out the church fans and start saying "mmhhmmm" just yet...because we are guilty too! Sometimes we have a great guy in our corner but sabotage the relationship anyway...

So it always make me wonder WHY?

One factor I know for sure is FEAR!
It IS scary to be completely in love with's even scarier sometimes to be loved in return and for reasons we cannot justify.
At the back of our minds, we're always wondering
"what is it that they want?" (ulterior motive)
"this can't be for real!"
....and the mind wanders and wonders...
and we become more and more paranoid until we talk ourselves out of probably the best thing that's ever happened to us (children not inclusive lol).
After all the years of allowing negative influences to affect your life: naysayers, being hurt, broken-hearted, bad relationships...yes it's difficult sometimes to accept it for what it is "THIS IS GREAT! I DESERVE THIS! I AM THANKFUL FOR (insert person here)!"

Love is a beautiful thing...when it's real...and when you allow it...
I hope if you're lucky enough to find someone you love, and they love you in return, that you love with reckless abandon...and don't sabotage it...savor every moment!
Yes, you deserve it!

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Jo said...

I always wondered the same thing...its sad that we feel we have to live in fear of being cheated on, abandoned or used. I learned to just enjoy and embrass it instead of fear what the future brings. :)