Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are no good black men...Black Love (Part 2)

The newlyweds

Just to attest to the blogposts "There are No Good Black Men" (by The Massage Mogul) and Black Love (my blogpost) topics briefly...yesterday I shared a very special day with my friend, Ayesha, and her husband, Will...they are now newlyweds! But what was extra special about this wedding was the groom's vows. He had written his own vows (murmurs of surprise suffused the church) and whilst he read them to his bride, there was not a dry eye amongst the guests.
He spoke about his heart being her shelter and his arms being her home...(tear) was a truly beautiful moment. (His groomsmen joked and said "if you weren't getting married, you'd get a lot of a** for that speech!" lol)
Throughout the ceremony, the couple cried and could really feel the love between those two.

There ARE black men who love hard, who are passionate about their girlfriends, or their wives (or both...just kidding lol); black men who work hard for their families, are good husbands and fathers, and lovers, and do whatever it takes to make their relationships/ family life work...even on the days when they feel like copping out...but don't!
I wish Ayesha and Will all the best in their shared life as husband and wife.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ayesha & Will. yes there are some good & great black men in this world, we just have to be patient and wait on GOD. And it takes a level of maturity for a man to bear his heart to the one he loves, especially our brothers...for the men who are no good or experiencing technical difficuty in the area of relationships, please understand you are not man because your age changes.....LOVE & MARRIAGE IS BEAUTYFUL!

Rene said...

Mandy, loved reading your blog! I totally agree with Amara. Love and marriage is beautiful. When I first got married it was a tough adjustment, not that i didnt love my wife, but because at the time I did not "know" how to be a good husband!! Meaning all the "roll models" or examples of marriages or relationships that were around me did the same thing, went out, did their thing and came back home whenever we wanted! Now when I started to surround my self with other guys that were "into" their family, into their wives, and didnt need to be out there doing all the other stuff. I realized that by surrounding myself with other "positive" relationships that it helped me to be a better husband! And yes there are alot of black men out there that DO try to do the right thing and be good to their wives and family!

Anonymous said...

In a world where so many are jaded, it's refreshing to see a story like this. The fact is that Black Love truly does exist when people are PATIENT & TRUSTING enough to find their mate. To the ladies who speak on the maturity of a man. This is true, but if the woman is mature than isn't it logical that she will select a mature man? There's a TON of silly females out there, I know. Often the good men, those who are affectionate, attentive & expressive are overlooked, why? Ask a woman lol... The responsibility swings in both directions. I digress...

As a happily married man I can say that trust & patience are so important in finding a mate. Trust in GOD, remain patient & wait!!
~Sir Duke~