Friday, October 14, 2011

She's just NOT into YOU!

Recently I read my friend's blog (The Massage Mogul) and he wrote an entry titled "He's Just NOT into You". It's great insight and reinforces all the solid advice you've ever heard from your momma, best friend or what you know deep in your heart but choose to ignore at times. Coming from a male perspective, it really sends the message home.
HOWEVER, I want to say that this message also applies to the men.
Women are usually the emotional hopeless romantics. We will go above and beyond for a man we love. We have no problem spending a ton of money on hair and make-up, shopping for the latest lingerie at Vickys, doing all kinda stunts in the bedroom (even if it means displacing our back and risking head injury - that's another blog in itself lol) and STILL waking up at the crack of dawn to shower and look like we just happen to wake up looking like Halle Berry, cook AND feed our spouse - and possible kids.
Yes we ladies do it all and make it seem effortless...then there's the flipside.

Because there's a misconception that women were made to serve men, adore them and pop out their babies...some men feel that they automatically earn this right, or think we always feel this way. No boo...

The truth is, we, women, are sometimes like a way lol

Firstly let's clarify a couple things...
I hate to break it to you but You are NOT the Holy Grail - despite what your mother or any other female has drilled in your head all your life. Most men believe they are God's Gift to women. You are God's Gift to the RIGHT woman, and hopefully someday you'll meet her.

Secondly, we are not looking at you as marriage material the moment we meet you. Sometimes we just want someone to mow the lawn, lift heavy bags/'re there...hey... that's what I see sometimes lol don't judge me.
But on a serious note, no we do not all think marriage the moment we meet you.

Thirdly, we don't all want to "give up the cookies" to every single man we meet!
I admire the men who don't care about their pot-bellies, their missing teeth, their hairier than King Kong chests... I mean THAT is confidence! But uhm, no I ain't your 'ma' and I don't want to give YOU my cookie!

So here's a little cheat for you fellas - how do you know if she's not into you?...
(1) You go on a date, she keeps checking her phone or watch...
(2) After the date she zooms off and leaves skidmarks...
(3) If she doesn't call you/ text/ bbm/skype...
(4) If she does respond, she answers like she's an iRobot (with one word answers allll the time) - sorry! but...she'
(4) If you have kids and she don’t give a rats ass about them…she ain’t into you at all! lol
(5) If you have to ask her for a kiss or to hold hands…guess what?
(6) If you're putting out and still not getting anything in return - you might just be her Tuesday night lol
(7) After sex she is happy to NOT cuddle...or ushers you out the door...
(8) If you're blowing up her phone and it's easier to get in touch with President Obama...
(9) If she ever answers your phone call with no zest in her voice or sounds highly irritated...(hint: it's not work/ feel free to insert any other random excuse...)
(10) If she suggests you spend more time with your mother (and your mother makes Roseanne Barr look like child's play)...DEAD GIVEAWAY! lol

There are many great men out there, as are great's like wine and just have to find the right pairing!

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct in your assessment Mandy....and if I say to you" I'm not doing that" just know I am not into