Monday, October 17, 2011

RIP Vanessa Cooper

Vanessa on vacation

This weekend I received some really sad news: a friend died.
I met Vanessa at a Learning Annex seminar in the city. She was so full of spunk and life, and through the years we maintained a friendship; mostly via e-mail in this busy of world of schedules and "things" to do. She was fiery and funny, and always sent me the latest schedules of events around town before they were published so I got "the scoop" :)
We made plans every year to meet in the MTV building to watch the Macy's Day parade but everytime we thought of the crowd we would change our minds "maybe next year" lol.
When I received the news, I instantly felt sick to my stomach. It was sudden (to me)...I had no idea she was ill. She was always so cheerful and full of life...who knew?
My condolences go out to her life partner, Imhotep Byrd, her family and friends, and anyone who was affected by such a great person.
RIP Vanessa!

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