Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Bday Mimi !

She's 2 years old today!

I remember when Lala and I met (we used to work together) and our friendship just grew over the years. We would laugh, eat, talk,
Time certainly waits for noone...and today, her baby girl is 2.......already!!!!

Here we are at our first Yankees game!
Lala (right) was pre-Mimi then :)

This was at her baby shower (still no idea who that little boy is lol)

Happy birthday Mimi and Blessings for many many years to come!


La La said...

Awwwwww how sweet was that?!?! I love you Mandy really..This blog is amzing and you are doing great.. Im gonna post this link on my page!!!

Im mad you have a pre-Mi Mi with the drink in one hand.LMAO.And that little boy was my friend Leah's son(he was running around the whole time):)

Mandy said...

I luv u too and yes boo! I have the pre-mimi pic hahahaha Thnx for shedding some light on that little boy b/c all this time I had no clue who he was!!! lol

Anonymous said...

whoa..camin yankees game... throwback !! so much fun hahaha we should do it again one day