Monday, January 11, 2010

Shhh...Men are like Victoria's Secret ;)

Recently I met with some of my girlfriends for drinks and while we were catching up, the age-old topic of MEN came up. Now we've all heard a million times (or more) that Men are from Mars...well I am beginning to think that it's just all about perspective.
As I chat with my friends, I had an Ally McBeal moment (you know, where she steps outta her body and watches the scene unfold?) well that's what happened to me. As I watched these beautiful, independent women and heard their HORROR stories I thought, what.... da..... heck???? I mean you hear countless stories of men doing some craaaaaazy stunts and the men just seem to be getting more and more creative...or dare I say BOLD!
But this is my spin on things ladies; I look at it like this. Men are like items from Victoria's Secret. They're attainable, sexy, they feel good on you, you feel good with them. It's soooooo hard to choose sometimes because you want them alllllll. They smell good, you wanna sleep with them, you can lounge with them.....BUT one thing we tend to forget is that we have CHOICES!!
Do you really wanna wear the saaaaaame pair of panties allllllll the time? (I know I don't!) There are days when there's nothing more comfortable than a pair of granny panties, or you feel sexy with that lace thong on even though you KNOW any moment it's gonna clone you... literally! Sometimes a push-up bra is just what you need: support! But other days you don't even want to see a bra because there's nothing in the world like FREEDOM! There are some that you play sports with, some that are "cheeky" and some that have absolutely NO LINES (of communication!).
And we all know we put men into categories. There's the Very Sexy one, the BODY, the Angel, the Multi-ways (one of my personal faves) and the Sexy (or not-so-sexy) Little (chuckle) Thing! I mean, I'm like a kid in a candy store sometimes...well lingerie store.
They come in all colors and sizes and you could wear them all to your heart's content until you find that "Perfect One"!
So ladies, please keep your options open and remember, this is OUR little secret ;) lol

Please note: If you are married/committed and planning to be unfaithful, please do not tell your spouse THIS blog was the reason you cheated. I am in no way liable for yo' ass-whoopn!
Also, I am not promoting promiscuity (unless that's what you do for a living...hey, the bills gotta get paid right? ;)


The Massage Guy said...

LOL LOL LOL i have to watch out for you ladies. But Mandy has a point!!!! Find one that just make you happy inside and if you CREEP DO GET CAUGHT!!! ASS WWHOOPPIN FOR SURE !!!

For men its more like a candy store. Big, small, sour, sweet, different size, colors. We can never can how bitter or sweet the candy is until we eat it..We only hope and pray it not bitter

Joel said...

luv the comparison.....gr8 job

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha you are me hero.

ana c m

What Was I Thinking? said...

This is hilarious and soooo true!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!!! You could not have written this any better...Luv it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You should write a little book for Victoria Secret! You are an awesome writer. This would sell at the counter.