Thursday, January 14, 2010

Somewhere around the world...

(souvenir from "HAIR")

Somewhere around the world...people are joining forces to help Haiti (sidenote: Trinidadians are donating their Carnival 'party money' time Beyonce)
Somewhere around the world...Pat Robertson and others (who believe Haiti is "cursed" because of "Voodoo") publicly announced their ignorance
Somewhere around the world...I was stunned to meet people who weren't affected by the plight in Haiti
Somewhere around the universe...their Mothership is on the way to pick them up!

Somewhere around the world...families were broken (images and people's wails clenched your soul)
Somewhere around the world...families were re-uniting (my nieces, from Ethiopia, are coming home ~~ Congrats J&C! Luv u guys!)

Somewhere around the world...I finally saw "HAIR" on Broadway. (If the music or the n u d i t y doesn't interest you, perhaps Will Swenson will...drooooool !)
Somewhere around the world...a cutie told me I looked 25 and totally made my day! (who cares if he's lying?) lol
Somewhere around the world...I was introducing myself to raisin spice oatmeal - yummmmmm
Somewhere around the world...I was watching my son sleep peacefully.....and my heart ached for those mothers who couldn't do the same
Somewhere around the world...I became even more thankful for alllll my blessings

Somewhere around the world...THE Teddy Pendergrass passed away (I'll "Turn Off The Lights" and 'light a candle' for you Teddy)
Somewhere around the world...a co-worker thought Teddy was her boyfriend's uncle (sighing and shaking my head!)

Somewhere around the world...a cab driver in NY would rather have me use my credit card for a $6 cab ride than to short change himself ONE DOLLAR because HE didn't have change
Somewhere around the world...that cab driver should be thankful that God is working on me!

("HAIR" finale - audience invited onstage)

(pictured 'hair' with Krystal Joy Brown and Darius Nichols of "HAIR")

Special Thanks: to Elizabeth Healy, Candace Jones and the entire NARAS staff who made the event a memorable one

                        Also to Darius Nichols, Krystal Joy Brown, Jackie Burns, Allison Quinn, Hannah Shankman and Will Swenson (castmates of Hair) whom I met and were all uber-friendly!


Anonymous said...

on the note of cab drivers, one recently RETURNED 21,000 CASH to some grandma that forgot it on his cab.

ana m

Mandy said...

luv hearing stories like that!