Monday, January 25, 2010


Today's my girl's b/day so special shout-out to Ms Alicia Keys!!! Y'all KNOW how much I luv Alicia right?
Singer, songwriter, producer, author, news correspondent, award winner, philanthropist, actress and just plain ol' badass on the piano!!

Alicia Keys
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And here's another phenomenal person to celebrate: my girl Ana!
HERRRRR bday was yesterday and we already started the celebrations since last week but that's ok...she could do that!  lol
She's crazy, fun, candid, she's one of the few people who share my sometimes crude sense of humor and I absolutely luv her to bits.

Ana and I

Here's to another year ladies!

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AnaMontes said...

OMG thank u LUV !!! :) lol i'm pretty lucky to be in the same blog as alicia.. funny, soc's bday is same as alicia's. anyway.. thank u luv !! i heart u and ur crude humor. ps, dogs are NOT babies!