Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The end of Summer...

Thought this was cool; saw it in Brooklyn on Labor Day weekend.

I had a fantastic Summer! I relaxed, I partied, I had time to reflect, I enjoyed the company of great friends and family, and I definitely enjoyed the weather!!!! Nothing beats the sun kissing your skin, the cute outfits, not having to layer just to go outside... the warmth.... the barbecues.... the fun!!!! 

Alas Fall is creeping in as evident by the chill on Labor day weekend. 
My cousins and I enjoying the last of Summer weather

It's back-to-school, and jackets and boots, which might not be such a bad thing by the looks of the Victoria's Secret Fall line! (They have cute boots and summer wraps out now! :)
But apart from the Fall fashion it's also the beginning of a new season. The trees shed their leaves in preparation for the Winter, squirrels and other animals prepare to hibernate and I look at it as a time of new beginnings for myself as well.
It's time to finish my degree, re-dedicate myself to my music, and work on other goals that I want to accomplish for myself and my family.
Louis L'Amour was an American writer who was once said "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning."

So yes it's the end of Summer but it's also the beginning of Fall...how are YOU re-dedicating yourself to YOUR life?
Be Blessed,

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