Thursday, September 9, 2010

"This is ridiculous!!!"

My son's first words as he woke up this morning to get ready for school. Over 2 months of Summer vacation and STILL he was not enthused about his first day back. Of course he was excited about his new backpack, all the new school supplies etc but when he remembered the routine: the early mornings, school and HOMEWORK???? He wasn't too thrilled. lol
Fake smile hoping I would hurry up and get this over with
(EVERY first day of every grade I take his pic lol)

I know the feeling all too well. I HATED school! Well at least at his age I did (high school was MUCH better). I loved the excitement of "first day". The new crisp uniforms, the fresh pack of crayons (yes, to this day I love the smell of crayons) and sharpening all my brand new pencils. But after that nostalgia wore off I was like WTH? And back in my day we got beatings in school so you KNOW I wasn't a happy camper.
I'm glad my son doesn't have to go through that. I think it's so traumatizing for a child. You already have to deal with teachers that are PMS-ing, friends who are as clueless as you, and math that you'll probably NEVER use (has ANYBODY ever used "pi" for anything in life??? remember this "π" = BARF!...then they add beatings to the agenda? SERIOUSLY!?
But I suppose the first day back after any vacation is the same regardless (slump shoulders and insert HUGE sigh here).
I'm sure he'll have a great day once he re-connects with his classmates, but ready or not the school year has begun.

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