Monday, September 13, 2010

"I'm the blonde cake boss"

My co-worker did the cutest thing for her fiance's birthday and I asked her to share it with you guys. She created a cake for him.

Ok so right now many of you are probably thinking "what's the big deal?"...well first of all she is not domestic AT ALL (heck she learned how to do laundry via youtube! lol) and now she's gone from being pals with Betty Crocker to the self-proclaimed "blond cake boss".
Here are some pics from her very noble effort...
When she realized how much baking was involved for her creation
she opted for Rice Crispy treats for the foundation :)

Then when she realized how expensive fondant is
she used frosting for the grass and graham crackers (as the wall I guess)

He's a firefighter so she made the cutest little firetruck out of cake...
...THIS is covered in fondant, with a licorice ladder on top and oreo cookie wheels
(yes it looks like the truck has flat tires but I give her E for effort! :)

And here's the finished product.
The house is made of cake, designed with gel piping,
the flames are hard candy and peep the little fire hydrant in the front.

The Queen of Cakes (Sheila) and Cake Boss better watch out! lol

By the way ladies, this is the same girl who told me about the vajazzler so guess she knows how to keep it interesting for her man! lol

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AnaMontes said...

lol good for her.. tell her not to get him used to it though !! ...