Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My letter to George Michael

I LOVE George Michael! LOVE! So I was disheartened to find out that he will be going back to jail for 8 weeks!!!! Why? His love affair with cannibis (you know, weed/ marijuana/ ganja/ spliffs/ the oooooweeeee...ahem back to the story) in addition to all his car accidents.
This isn't his first offense, or his second, OR third for that matter...WHAT IS HAPPENING GEORGE? WE WANT YOU AND YOUR MUSIC BACK!

So here's my letter to George:
Dear George,
"Last Christmas" you said you would stop smoking weed..."WHAM!" I heard you got busted again.
You might have to do some time before you're even considered for parole but I'm sure the judge will realize that you need counselling and give you "One More Try".
Yes, she will be tough on you, after all this is not your first offense George. C'mon, you must expect her to run out of "Patience" for you and your she-nanny-gins! She's not gonna talk to you like "Jesus to a Child", hey even Jesus said 'spare the rod and spoil the child"...but listen, just tell her "Everything She Wants" to hear okay George? No debating or justifying the weed, no "Careless(ly) Whisper(ing)" that you've cut back from 25 spliffs a day to about 8! oh and DEFINITELY don't mention using it to "Heal The Pain" (I find that somehow the law doesn't look too favorably on things like that).
Yes I know you will probably be "Praying for Time" because you would much rather head to the slammer, shack up with some big burly dude and sing "I'm Your Man" to him in "A Different Corner" of your cell every single night but, but.....but George, WE need you!
So I'm gonna have "Faith" in you. Yes YOU George! I am going to pray that when you finally get your "Freedom" you don't do this "Monkey" business again, okay?
When you come out all of us, your fans, will be waiting! Yes, waiting for YOU George. But I don't want you to take us for granted thinking that everytime you come out you could simply sing "I Knew You Were Waiting For ME" and just sing your way back into our hearts. No George! You're not "Twenty Five" anymore, you're "Older" now so it's time to get it together, okay George? OKAY?
See ya when ya get out!
Luv Always

Here's Alicia singing her version of "Freedom" LUVS IT !

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Diamond ISIS said...

Mandy...you are definitely hilarious and creative.You need your own talk show, variety show something...You are so funny and lovable all at the same time.I love the letter to George.LOL