Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Feel Like Makin' Love"

Mr. Gene McDaniels and I

Gene McDaniels was a guest speaker at our music workshop yesterday and although "Feel Like Makin' Love" shouldn't automatically pop into my head when I hear his name, it does.
No, not just because I'm young and frisky (...well that too) but also because he's accredited for that Roberta Flack hit.
He's had several hits on the Billboard Top 100 chart ("A Hundred Pounds of Clay" made it to #3) and his best known song "Compared to What" has been recorded/sampled by various artists (at least 200 times!) the most recent being on the new John Legend and The Roots album "Wake Up!".

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I've met Mr. McDaniels on a few other occassions but this was an especially exciting visit because I had the opportunity to perform for him. I sang the very first song I ever wrote, "Love Me", and HE loved IT......I quote "your song...kicks...ass".
Needless to say I was smiling for the rest of the day and that will remain one of my most memorable moments because there's nothing more precious than when someone connects with your music...or with you. 

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