Friday, October 1, 2010

Cosmos and Colin

This past Monday despite the rain I headed to The Red Lion on Bleecker St for their Songwriting Circle. I had the pleasure of hearing the usual musical elite (Galia Arad, Chris Tedesco, Kirsten Thien and Jake Holmes--on whom I'm beginning to develop a stalkerish crush J

The gang at the Red Lion

 Joining the crew this time was Charlie Feldman and George Wurzbach. I love Charlie's "You're Not There" and George Wurzbach's "Much Better View of the Moon".

Charlie Feldman - also wrote the steamy "Taxi Love"

George Wurzbach

Just when I thought I'd call it a night, my friends enviegled me to head over to Slane Public House to hear Colin Smith and let me tell you, NOONE has to "enviegle" me to hear him anymore! (newfound target to stalk! lol)
He is bada**! He plays the heck out of a guitar and almost sang my undies right off me...ok TMI...and did I mention he's super sexy with a hot Irish accent??? (Droooooooooool!)
Colin Smith

I ended up staying for his 2-hour set, a few cosmos and left highly impressed with a copy of his SIGNED cd in hand. The cd doesn't even do him justice, I think he is SO PHENOMENAL live and a must-see if you're in NYC...I promise you will fall in love!
Check out his debut cd "The Wilderness" and if you want more Colin click here

 Guess I know what my Mondays are gonna look like...Cosmos and Colin!

“We all have been given a gift of one kind or another;
 it is important to realize and utilize those gifts for the benefit of mankind.” .
~ Kelly Meyer, activist

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