Monday, July 11, 2011

Beautiful day at the lake...

It was such a gorgeous summer day that my fam and I decided to head to the lake. I haven't been in open water in such a long time that it took me a few minutes to really remember the last time I had. I think it was about 3 years ago when my grandmother died and I went to Trinidad for her funeral??? I had gone to the beach then...I think.

I've since been to Santa Monica Pier in LA and South Beach, Miami...but even THEN I didn't get in the water! I absolutely LOOOOOVE the beach!!! But I visited LA in the Spring and the water was waaaaay to cold for me. My son played and swam in that cold water like he was in the Caribbean! I, on the other hand, lay on the sand relaxing, promising myself to go to the beach again the first chance I got.

Fast forward to vaycay in Miami and I didn't even make it to the beach! I packed swimsuits like I was headed to a swim shoot and didn't use any of them! Instead I spent my days recuperating poolside from partying the night before....ahh viva Miami!

So I spent a relaxing day at the lake with my family. Water is so soothing. I swam, I lay on the sand...I love the feel of warm sand between your toes (other places, not so much).

This is DEFINITELY on the agenda again before the end of Summer!

My cousin and I at the lake


My other cousin taking a nap (bottom left lol)

The poor bug I rolled over with my butt...

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