Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rihanna Rocks!

Last Thursday I went to Rihanna's concert -- her Loud Tour. It was a great show!
Rihanna during a banging performance of "Man Down"


JCole opened the show with his featured piece on "A Star is Born" (from Jay Z's BluePrint 3 album) and performed some of his hits, including my fave "Can I hit it in the morning?"

We waited for about AN HOUR before Ms. Rihanna graced the stage...I wasn't too happy about that but just as the crowd was becoming restless, the Good Girl Gone Bad appeared. It was worth the wait; it was a great show!
Riri about to appear onstage

Rihanna finally hits the stage

Rihanna's no Sheila E but she did her thang on the drums

She closed the show with Mr New York himself, Jay Z

I was skeptical about going to the concert because Rihanna hasn't been the strongest vocally on live performances, but that night she was in her element and did her thang!

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