Monday, July 25, 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

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I had heard about Amy Winehouse long before her music was popular here in the States. A friend of mine from London sent me her cd "Frank" and I thought Amy's sound was different but good: she had that slightly drunk-in-a-bar sound mixed with a bit of jazz and old school. She sang like someone who KNEW what pain was, the way Billie Holiday sang. I remember when I heard "F**k Me Pumps", I thought here's a singer (songwriter) who's not afraid to live on the edge.

Then came her "Back to Black" album: absolutely genius...the sound and the lyrics. I knew she was going to win a Grammy or two for that album -- she won five!
I remember her performance on Grammy night. Her frail body shook and shimmied onstage (via satellite) and I cringed during her performance because she looked like she was barely holding on yet STILL she gave a great performance. Moments later she won a Grammy and as she delivered her acceptance speech, I cried at home because I was rooting for her like so many others.

This weekend I found out about Amy's death via social media. I was not completely in shock because she had a well-known history of drug and alcohol abuse, but I was definitely saddened to hear about her death. So young, such talent! Sometimes you never know what struggles a person may in peace Amy!

Here's here performance on Grammy night:

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