Thursday, July 21, 2011

Galia Arad and her "Assets"

Galia Arad
at The Living Room, NYC

Galia Arad killed her performance at The Living Room last night. She was charming and funny as usual and totally OWNED the stage! A guy sitting next to me was there to see Silvertone, the group that was on before Galia, but he said when he saw the crowd and the buzz in the room for her, he decided to stay. He said "who is she? Is she well known? I said "yes, and now you know her too".
Two songs into her set and he was clapping and hollering like he'd known her forever.
It's just that easy to love Galia and her music.

Galia and her band

Galia performed some of my faves "Better than Bonnie" and "Ain't Quite a Broken Heart", as well as some newbies "Mr. Detective" and "I Confess" (I think I just totally re-named all her songs but at least you'll be able to identify them when you hear them lol).

She invited some of her hedge fund peeps onstage to perform with her, she called them her "assets" lol.
They are also a funny talented bunch!

Galia and her hot guitarist, Nick

Galia and her "intern" (blue shirt)

Galia's sis, Carmel(a)?, performed with her as well

Galia and her "lollipops"
If you haven't seen their popumentary, click here...too funny!

One of Galia's hedge fund peeps (blue shirt)
was the featured drummer on one of her songs.

This guy (another hedge fund peep) said he passed on the U2 concert
to be at Galia's show.

...and this is why...he made his debut on harmonica...
Sorry Bono!

Did I say Nick is HOT!?

It was a great show and it's so good seeing my girl perform
and watching her growth in this music business!
Much continued success Gals!

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