Friday, December 9, 2011

Date Chat with The Massage Mogul

The Massage Mogul, Robert Ballatt, has started a Date Chat series. With all his experience in the world of physical therapy and pamper parties, (and basically being around a LOT of women lol) he is extending efforts to matters of the heart.
There are many single ladies out there, as are single men, looking for that special someone. It's not even a matter of getting hitched (for those of you who break out into hives when the words "marriage" or "committment" arise) but simply for starters: the dating experience.
Rob has introduced this series to bridge that gap.

With The Massage Mogul at his "Conversation and Cocktails" Date Chat Event

WHAT?! lol

Of course, where there is Rob, there are massages. (I really don't think he knows how NOT to work!).
Rob, his work stations, and his Just1Touch staff, were at the lounge massaging attendees before the chat. What an after-work treat: drinks, great convo and massages!!

Rob and Rob (yes the other guy is Rob too) hard at work

Just by the turnout for the event, it is evident that this is a topic which women, AND men (yes the men were in full effect too) want to grasp...and hey it's a great way to meet people as well.
Robert's Date Chat Tour continues into 2012. Look for him in a city near you!
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