Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things I considered selling my cooch for...

An Hermes Birkin Bag
I'd like one in tan or turquoise blue...
oh what the heck, I'd take both colors ($10,000 each)
 You'd be able to spend the night for this...
But since it IS a recession, I'd settle for a Marc Jacobs satchel,
which is only a little over $1000.
No, you won't even get past the living room for this...

To satisfy my lust for gadgets, I want an ipad
I don't need it, I just want it !
It starts around $500... 
BUT if I have to cut back, (sighs and rolls eyes) I'd take a Nook Color
which is only around $200

And while I'm shopping for gadgets, I might as well pick up one of these babies
($1500 and up)

When I saw these, I think I had an ______
...Brian Atwood pumps $350
(suppressing squeal!) I think I just______ again.

Ace of Spades Champagne - about $300 up...
After a long day of shopping (not to mention working hard for ma money) I think I deserve a glass!


Anonymous said...

I cried while reading this.....Your titles are the BEST!!!

Krimly said...

love the white mac with pink details! I haven't seen it before!


Mandy Bennett said...

The white mac is HAWT isn't it Krimly?!

Glad you enjoyed Stefan! :)