Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Talk That Talk

SO I finally got my hands on Rihanna's 6th album: Talk That Talk and I love it! I think it's mostly because I just love Rihanna. She's like that crazy cool girlfriend who's been through a lot. Sometimes I think she lives such an exciting life: travelling, touring etc, and other times I feel she's really lonely, as she re-iterates on this album, she just needs love; we all do.
I bought the deluxe edition (cause I always feel I'll miss out on something if I don't). My fave tracks are:
Track #4: " Talk That Talk" (usually on repeat in my car with me wining hard in my seat! lol)
Track #7: "We All Want Love"
Track #8: "Drunk on Love"
Track #11: "Farewell"
Track #12: "Red Lipstick" - Deluxe Edition - (it speaks to my inner, uhm, alter ego)
Track #14: "Fool in Love" - Deluxe Edition

Why I love Rihanna?
Rihanna came from a little island, Barbados, to become an international success. She's an example of hope, (that you CAN make it no matter where you're from), fortitude (she rose above the Chris Brown altercation), hard work (she has been one of the top artists in the world for the past 5 years, she did a movie, she has perfumes out, she's a Covergirl spokeswoman and more), trendsetter (you can tell by all the hairstyles, haircolors, fashion and even tattoos that so many want to be like her)...

Why she makes me nervous?
I must admit she makes me nervous sometimes. I think she needs a break; time to re-group. She makes me think that she WILL break if she doesn't take a break cause it seems her life is spiralling outta control. She's so young and beautiful with a wide open road ahead of her full of possibilities. Then again, maybe that's all a part of the bad girl lifestyle and she's beating the iron while it's hot.

Whatever the case, I am rooting for her and I hope she has much continued success.
Image from Rihannanow.com

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Picturesque2u said...

I like this.... I completely forgot to pick up the new album. Shame on me! I love Rihanna's music.