Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grammy Noms: YAYS AND NAYS!

So the Grammys Nominations are in, and I am so ready for the big night Feb 12th 8pm CBS. No I'm not up for a Grammy (yet!), but I'm working on it OK????
Anyway, while I'm very happy for the nominees (I KNOW it takes a lot of work to get THERE) I have to throw in my 2 cents on those who made it, and those who didn't quite make the cut...this year.

The Ins:

ADELE: Without a doubt, she was going to be in the forefront for Grammy nods. If they didn't nominate "21", the Recording Academy would be Rolling in Deep Sh*t! This is by far one of the BEST records EVER!! Her voice, the lyrics, the heartwrenching or floor stomping music. Adele even has gangsters bopping to her music. This was a no-brainer!

Katy Perry: She won me over with "Fireworks" - I thought at first the song was kinda froo froo or popcorny or something, but the lyrics are great and the tune is catchy (besides this is one of my cousins anthem so Katy gets love from me on this song...Dear Katy, please don't show up to the awards with cheese on your head again because I will remember why you annoy me).

Nicki Minaj and J Cole - yes, I root for Nicki because she is bada**. To earn her place in the rap game among her top MALE counterparts and she's from Trini? Nuff said!  I saw JCole in concert and he is smooth and seems humble. He gets a nod from me. Either one of them could take Best New Artist for me.

Rihanna, Bruno, the list goes on...all good, mostly obvious contenders....

The Surprises?:

Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse - I don't know why this comes as a surprise since the crooner and the late great jazzy singer did a fab job on their duet.
Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera: you can NOT listen to "Moves Like Jagger" without grooving - sorry! Either you have no music in your soul or something stuck up your
Kanye West: You know if they didn't nominate Kanye he would've pummeled Taylor Swift with her own grammy then blown up the buiiildiiiiing! (Kanye voice)
Sorry Taylor, you were NOT nominated this year for your OWN safety. Don't worry girl, you can rock your frock and curls some other time...who needs a stupid Grammy anyway? (yeah right!)
Beyonce: "4"...ok the major shocker...Beyonce did not get a nod for this album (she did get a nod on the duet with Andre 3000 for "Party"). Listen people people people! Beyonce will be quite alright shining those she already has, while rubbing her 3/6/8th mth's okay for OTHER ARTISTS to get a chance!

The Outs:

There ARE many artists who have great music out there but weren't nominated; artists like Jill Scott, Anthony David and so many more. Artists with QUALITY MUSIC...I'm talking real intruments, they ARE the songwriters, less advertising behind them etc. Those whose music don't always get radioplay (sometimes I think it's Drake radio - Hot Drake, 105 point Drake...)... but they have an incredible fan base nonetheless because they are just THAT good!
Every once in an eclipse, an "underdog" will be nominated AND/OR awarded (kudos again Esperanza Spalding) and give hope to great music everywhere!

So I have quite a few who I'm rooting for. I hope Adele makes a clean sweep! I'll do another post with my Grammy predictions some other time.
For a complete list of nominees, click here:

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Anonymous said...

So happy Beyonce got no noms even though I am sure she is shocked about it! It however a little sad that Bruno Mars may not get a grammy after all those noms because he is up against Adele.