Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hair Rules in the House of Mikko!

I went to this event and I just HAVE to share with you before everything falls outta my brain. The House of Mikko teamed with Hair Rules to create this super fun night of networking, sipping on Qream and talking about what we ladies talk about most...sorry fellas, you guys fall somewhere after shoes, pocketbooks and HAIR!

Now MOST of us women (if not all of us) spend the MOST time on our hair! I know I do ! Whether it's Team Natural like me, relaxed, dreadlocks, long, pixie, whatever, HAIR seems to be a common thread!

I figured this was some sort of hair event, but what I was pleasantly surprised to see were all the fabulous hairstyles (majority natural) under one roof! (Ok let me interject by saying it's not that I haven't seen an abundance of natural hair and all sorts of styles in my lifetime, it's just that for the past 2 - 3 years I have ditched my relaxer and gone back to my natural roots and lately I feel like more people are also taking the "natural" approach so it seems to be the trend).

We had the pleasure of watching celebrity stylist, Anthony Dickey, "bang" out about three makeovers in an hour (what every woman NEEDS in her life: to be in and out of the salon in record time and step out with great hair!). Anthony has styled my girl, Alicia Keys; one of the stars of my FAVE series Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker; Andre 3000 (yes that coif doesn't come naturally) and more.

Here is Anthony with one of the makeover winners

Already cut and blow drying...


and voila!

This event was to launch a new app coming out in January 2012 called "I Love Your Hair". This new app will be the gateway to hairstyles, access to stylists, tips and even just sharing your stories, whatever. Please note: IT'S FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR! (they didn't mention lacefronts but lacefronts need love too...) It's for all types of hair! Kinky, curly, fros, long, short, wavy, you name it. THAT is the beauty of it!
Anyway here are some pics from the event, remember to go to to sign up!

This is Tika (I hope I spelled it right)

 Tika has this phenomenal head of hair and it's all contained (for the most part) in her headwrap!
Yes that's her hair you're seeing there!

This is her sister, Cipriana (who has an uncanny resemblance to my cousin Sacha)

Cipriana told me it once took her 8 HOURS to blow dry her hair straight! I couldn't IMAGINE EVERRRRR going through that! I hated the 4 hours it took to braid my hair once for a trip to Miami! It was fun in the sun at the time but I haven't done it since!
I wish I had taken a picture of Cipriana and her sister together...they are tall, were dressed funky, very model-like and striking with that height and hair. You can check out Cipriana's blog, Urban Bush Babes for more on her and natural hair etc.

Here I am with Sukari,
who was not only a makeover winner but also on her natural hair journey...
and what a great start: haircut and tips from Anthony Dickey himself!

I just loved her attitude! :)

The sweet and lovely Kai - co-founder of I Love Your Hair App, pictured here with moi... 

And here I am with Anthony Dickey
(wondering if I could get squeezed in to have MY tresses done!)
Hair Rules
828 9th Ave #2
New York, NY

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