Friday, October 1, 2010

An American Idiot and a Bloody Jackson

American Idiot is a musical about three best friends who, after 9/11, try to figure out what they want in life.
It is compelling, definitely energetic, GREAT music......just go see it! And if you're lucky to get a ticket by THIS Sunday (Oct 3rd) then you'll see Billie Joe Armstrong (Mr Green Day himself) perform as well!

Billie Joe Armstrong

After the show we had the opportunity (Thanks NARAS) to meet the Director Michael Mayer and some of the cast. They gave us a little insight into what it takes to perform in such a show every night; they certainly work their butts off!
The very next night we headed back to Broadway to check out "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson".

I had NO idea what to expect but surprisingly it is a very entertaining view of history. It tells the story of Andrew Jackson: how he fought the British and the Spaniards, and "shafted the Indians" in the "best interest" of the United States. It is witty and fun, and I'm always fascinated by how much dialogue the actors retain and their delivery of it...AMAZING !

Composer and lyricist Michael Friedman on the right
Alex Timbers who wrote and directed the play not pictured here.

Special Thanks to NARAS for organizing the Q&A after the show with some of the members of the creative team.

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