Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorry we're closed! Boo!

My son has his own business. Yes his own business!
He sells stationery supplies, his own booklets (he's an author/illustrator as well) and some other little knick-knacks. And guess what? He's not even a teen yet, however he's already realized that THIS is one of the things he wants in be an entrepreneur.

The "store" front sign posted in our home.

Booklets he's written

How did this all start? Well about 2 years ago, I was telling him how to organize himself for homework and his reply was "I don't like people telling me what to do!"
As my eyebrow hit my hairline, "oh no he didn't!!" popped into my head and I felt myself morphing into Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I said to him "in life you will find there are times when people will tell you what you have to do. Right now it's me, in school it's the teachers, when you get older it will be the law and when you go to work it will be your boss. When it comes to your education there is no compromise, with your teachers and the law if you don't follow the rules you face the consequences and if you don't want a boss then be one!"
Well somewhere in my speech he gathered that if HE was the boss not only will he be able to set the rules, but also have more time to enjoy other things (particularly video games), and so his business was born.

At first he would sell pencils and markers sporadically to family and a few friends, and we all thought it was really cute. Then when we visited places, instead of souvenirs for himself he'd ask me to buy a whole bunch of stationery. As time goes by, we are witnessing his growth...he is literally minding his own business.

He's established his business hours (after school and before bed) and during the weekends as well.  

Note that the gum is NOT included with the gumball machine... lol   

He changes his store signs according to the season, he offers sales and other promotions and although I offer input occassionally, he is definitely the one nurturing it. (His latest requests by the way are a blog and business cards! SMH)  
I watch in awe and admiration... and who knows? Perhaps years from now he'll be saying "I guess even back then you could call me C.E.O. of the..."


Galia said...

this is amazing. he's got the right idea!

Anonymous said...

Mani is great and this is how u know u r doing a GREATTTTT JOB Mandy. Got to love him lol

Diamond ISIS said...

That is great and you are doing an excellent job... Entrepreneurs rule...Go Demani!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is going to be a success!! Remember when Ana and I bought pencils and I think an eraser from him ... lol! He is too cute!