Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pakistani Pie?

Never heard of it? Well neither had I until I met Saad Haroon.

Saad Haroon

Saad is a comedian from Pakistan and he tells the story of life in Pakistan through comedy and music. He realizes that there are many misconceptions between Pakistani and American cultures and has found a humorous way to bridge the gap.
Saad himself has a very colorful background. Born and raised in Hong Kong, lived in the US while he studied at the University of Massachusetts and now living in Pakistan, he is hoping to take his comical routine worldwide.
He entertained us with "Oh Mama": a funny story about a boy who tries to explain to his mother that he has fallen in love with someone who is not of the same religion or cultural background.
Another tummy tickler is "Burka Woman" which he sings to the music of the American classic "Pretty Woman". Saad finds the lighter side of the burka (the traditional cloak worn by some Muslim women) to show that yes, there are differences in their culture and the Western World but that's okay too. At the end of the day "we are all human".
Saad accompanied by Asim Khan

He also regaled us with "Pakistani Pie" (a spinoff of "American Pie") which goes a little deeper into Pakistani culture and the variances within the Muslim community.
It's a very fun way to learn a bit of history, and since history was never one of MY fave subjects, I'll take a piece of that Pakistani Pie!

(One way to keep up with Saad Haroon is on facebook, click here)

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