Saturday, October 30, 2010


This was one of the BEST surprises ever! My friend, Sheila, decided to have a surprise birthday party for her sister, Felicia (a.k.a. Diamond).
I LOVE surprising people so I enjoyed being a part of it. The challenge of course is to pull off the entire thing without the person knowing.
Felicia is an avid facebooker, plus visits Sheila regularly so EVERYTHING had to be super discreet! 
Sheila recruited her family and friends, and OPERATION DIAMOND was in full force!

Next, how do you get the birthday girl to her OWN party, have her wear her favorite color and still not suspect a thing? You invite her to a "jewelry party" so she could order some 'bling bling'.
There were a few hiccups along the way but eventually it was a success...


 Totally shocked!

Her nephew Justin is an amazing dancer
and KILLED it on the dance floor !

Her sister Kesha, and one of her best friends Tara

And her sister Sheila...
the mastermind behind OPERATION DIAMOND

It'll take a while for Felicia to recover or to even "get back" at everyone of us as she has threatened (insert snickering here) so while she's planning (bwahahahahahahaha)...

By the way, my sister (who must be training for a new position as papparazzi) caught me on tape singing a song I wrote called "Your Love is Enough" (click here ...and if you look somewhere around the 2:40 mark on the video you'll see the birthday girl crying ...just in case she tries to deny it ! )

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Diamond ISIS said...

You know you all are very clever....and i really had no clue, however when I back track..I see it all clearly....Wow this is what happens when you let your guard down and leave your Face book page and cell phone lying around....LOL I do not know how I am gong to do it, but I am determined to get each and everyone of you back, at least all those who I remember.