Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes the little moments give the greatest joy...

Sunset in Bayonne, NJ

So after a busy week, it was nice to wind down with two of my fave people: Ana and Jo.
We met for coffee to catch up on each other's lives, and everytime we meet, it seems as though no time has passed. They are funny, intelligent women and no topic is taboo I absolutely love them!

On another note, my son has started a blog! The world (at least mine) is NOT going to be the same...who knows WHAT he will say!
But to find out, even I am following his blog, so check out his life's journeys here ...smh !


Anonymous said...

I had a great time as well! Can't wait for next time ;)
I read Mani's blog!! Super cute!!!


AnaMontes said...

SO gona follow him.... should be funny to hear same story through 2 diff points of view.