Thursday, October 28, 2010

# 1 Priority in my life right now!

What should I be for Halloween this year????

I wasn't big on Halloween until a few yrs ago. Actually I'm still not big on Halloween but I DO have tons of fun dressing up, going to the parties with my cousin, being goofy with co-workers, and my son gets a kick out of it. (good thing I'm not big on Halloween huh?)
This year I have NO IDEA what I'm going to be! Tomorrow the parties pop off and I have no costume yet!! EEEEEK!
So today guess where I'll be....

.........yup, somewhere organizing a costume!

Here are a few blasts from my spooky past...

"Cal meh now fuh yuh free readin!" lol

Moulin Rouge one year
(thankfully there was no PTA meeting that day) 

Hippie Dippie


Roman Empress at work...
then at a party with my cousin, the sexy crooked cop :) 

Mile High Club

So the question remains,


Diamond ISIS said...

Well you could be a librarian with a dark side, or a sexy maid, a madame, a high powered executive, a martian from another planet, a genie, a vampire,a ninja, a bank robber, or a sexy kitten, playboy bunny and the list goes on.....well whatever you decide you will look great.....

Johanna said...

I was new at Camin the year you came in as Moulin Rouge...I remember thinking OH MY! But of course you rocked it and you looked fabulous xoxox


Mandy Bennett said...

Thnx Jo! Hope I didn't traumatize you lol...apparently I didn't because you ARE one of my besties! xoxoxo