Thursday, October 21, 2010

A "Diamond" in the rough...

Diamond Isis
Today is my friend Diamond's birthday. I met her at Sunday dinners at her sister's house and when I first met her she seemed a little reserved... pleasant, but reserved.
It didn't take long though for me to find out what a character she is! She finds humor in just about anything and we (her sis and I) usually end up in pain from belly-aching, face-hurting, can't-breathe kinda laughter!! I SO think she needs her own show because a comedian she certainly is...but what I did NOT know was her story.

One day (on Facebook) she posted 25 things that we may not have known about her, and with her permission I am sharing with you:

"1. At age 3, I stuck a key in the socket and was electrocuted.
 2. At age 4, I could already read on a 2nd grade reading level.
 3. At age 7, I performed with my ballet troupe at Radio City in NYC.
 4. At age 12, my uncle made an attempt to molest me > SHH!!!! Keep it a secret....with my big ass mouth it was no longer a secret.
5. At age 16, I was date raped, wound up pregnant and aborted the child.
6. Six women have expressed their desire to be in a relationship with me.
7. There was a women this year who made me feel like Omg... when she read me some poetry..... ( I could have made love to her)!!!!
8. At age 16, I was an alcoholic, cause I hated my life!
9. I attempted suicide once...I failed miserably!!!!
10. My parents never prepared me for all the Bullshit games and people life had to offer!
11. In 8th grade I convinced 2 of my friends we should shoplift and sell what we stole as profit. We were making a killing until I got caught!
12. I am a love and sex junkie and don't care.
13. I am a freak of nature...
14. I love with every atom and molecule of my being.
15. If you are capable of shattering my hard exterior..I will love you forever..
16. Right now I am abstinate.
17. I am going to be a successful entrepreneur with lotsa $$$$$$$$$ to help others.
18. I love to read and write poetry....
19. I am my own worst enemy.
20. If you betray me I cut you off immediately without notice.
21. I love to have gritty, grimy, sweaty workouts.
22. I love to laugh more than cry.
23. I have a weakness for fair-skinned men, with beautyfull eyes and lips, and a moustache and goatee!!!! I get all warm and fuzzy inside and outside!
24. I am passionate with purpose.. and finally...
25. I have enjoyed the experience of having two men sexually at one time!!!!"

When I read this my heart and eyes were full. She has gone through so much in her life already, yet when you meet her you would never know. So today my friend I commend you for smiling through the pain, I thank you for making us laugh and I wish you the happiest birthday and God's Speed for many more.


Diamond ISIS said... know I do not like crying- it is a sign of weakness to some.....I do not like crying, because for me it is a strength that shows how others touch you in places of your soul that is indescribable. I really don't like letting people know they have touched me' soul.....Yeah those Sunday dinners...

I am so blessed that God actually heard my prayers... to bring me closer to my right poetry/words touching lives and the list goes on...

Mandy-I truly love you, Demani,and everyone you have shared with me and my you already know # 14,15,17,22, all pertain to all of you......And let me add if anyone messes with you....they will meet with the wrecking crew...LOL

Thank you for the love and this is one of the best gifts ever!!!!!!

Laleepop14 said...

Awwww that was sooo sweet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIAMOND!!!!

AnaMontes said...

lol she's awesome!

Anonymous said...

aw..this is beautiful!