Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kudos to the best YOU!!

"The man who is swimming against the stream, knows the strength of it"
~ President Woodrow Wilson.

When I started this blog entry today, I was initially going to address single moms, but I have decided to address EVERYONE out there on their daily grind!
It is not easy sometimes. We have 24 hours to fit in the job, work a double shift, part-time job, the kids, our DREAM jobs, school, extra-curricular activities, reading, writing...the list goes on. We ALL have the same 24 hours, yet sometimes it seems like it's never enough. Sometimes we feel burnt out...or we're trying to come up for air...catch our breath...or are barely making it through the day!!

For the past two weeks that is EXACTLY what I have been doing. Transitioning to a new department, helping my child adjust to a new grade, finishing my degree, working on my music, back and forth to all kinds of activities and events, you name it. That does not include taking care of the home front, squeezing in time to read novels/mags, MAYBE watch a movie here and there (yes I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on the movie scene) and catch up with family and friends (I'm sure some of them have written me out of their Will !)
Lately that seems to be the common thread with a lot of my friends too: busy/ working/ studying/ gigging/ hustling...but you know what? We are doing it, and striving to be better individuals.

Add to that the HATERS!!! I don't usually address haters, cause I don't even like the word "hate". But unfortunately in life you will come across people who do just that: HATE! They don't like whatever: the color of your skin, your attitude, your confidence, your success, your car, your job, your hair, you! WHATEVER!
They don't see your struggles, your hard work, your making-ends-meet, the late nights, the early mornings, your passion, your drive, your heartaches, your pain, your love, you!
For those people I pray......TO GET OUT MY DAMN WAY!!! lol
I mean seriously!!! WHY HATE??
This week I learned a new acronym for HATERS: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. Don't be mad! Stop letting fear guide your life, and stop harboring hatred! Like Will Smith said "hate in your heart consumes YOU".
Get out there and do what YOU want to do in YOUR life.
And no, it is not easy but it is better to try and fail, than to fail to try.

So KUDOS to all my peeps and anyone who's doing their best. STANDING OVATION for you, and heck yeah for me too! lol
Special shout outs to Robbie Rob, Sheils, Mich, Esha, V, Natalie Slamming, Anika, Lauren, Rhondon, Charlene, Briz, Tionna Smalls, Diamond Isis, Karim Rasul, Galia, Kirsten, Ana, Johanna, Mella, Nell and Mel.

I pray that God Blesses you in all your endeavours.
Much luv from my heart straight to yours!


Johanna said...

Kudos to you as well! You are handling this thing called "life" beautifully! You should be very proud of yourself..cause I know we are! Hey, let those haters hate...we all need a fan club :)


Anonymous said...

u motivate me and remind me 'it's ok'

ana m.

Dan.Eliot said...

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Carol-Ann said...

Looking Hot chick,

Love your acronym for Haters, it's hits the nail right on the head.
Keep doing you, and all the best in all your aspects of your life.


Mandy said...

Thanx Jo..."fan club"...that's so cute!! :)

Ana, U motivate ME! Your energy is incredible! (sidenote: working my way up to "insanity" workouts lol)

Dan thnx for the info!

Thanx Carol! I learned that acronym from my FB peeps :)

Diamond ISIS said...

I love the: This week I learned a new acronym for HATERS:
Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

Mandy you are the best from of the group of the bests....You know what crew that is....LOL....Anyway thank you for the shout and when the book is already know you have a signed copy.....get to read all the erotica...LOL

And yes it is a challenge fitting all of the grinding into 24 hour time frame.We all are going to the top with smiles and drinks....