Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

I didn't party this Halloween and I certainly missed my partner in crime, my cousin Jamella, but it was still a lot of fun.
Here are some pics...enjoy!
My god-daughter and I at a costume party

This genie also moonlights as a model...check da pose!

The winner of the Halloween contest at my job

One of the people I voted for...her teeth freaked me out!

2nd place in the job contest

I voted for her too...funny!

And Marie Antoinette came in 3rd place

My beautiful cousins picked up a ninja

Cupcakes that a co-worker promised to make over a year ago...
...FINALLY rose from the dead... lol

Ok now THIS is just wrong!
A dog dressed as a hotdog? smh!

And in the end, what was I for Halloween this year?...

I cheated and dressed up as a "rockstar" lol

Saturday, October 30, 2010


This was one of the BEST surprises ever! My friend, Sheila, decided to have a surprise birthday party for her sister, Felicia (a.k.a. Diamond).
I LOVE surprising people so I enjoyed being a part of it. The challenge of course is to pull off the entire thing without the person knowing.
Felicia is an avid facebooker, plus visits Sheila regularly so EVERYTHING had to be super discreet! 
Sheila recruited her family and friends, and OPERATION DIAMOND was in full force!

Next, how do you get the birthday girl to her OWN party, have her wear her favorite color and still not suspect a thing? You invite her to a "jewelry party" so she could order some 'bling bling'.
There were a few hiccups along the way but eventually it was a success...


 Totally shocked!

Her nephew Justin is an amazing dancer
and KILLED it on the dance floor !

Her sister Kesha, and one of her best friends Tara

And her sister Sheila...
the mastermind behind OPERATION DIAMOND

It'll take a while for Felicia to recover or to even "get back" at everyone of us as she has threatened (insert snickering here) so while she's planning (bwahahahahahahaha)...

By the way, my sister (who must be training for a new position as papparazzi) caught me on tape singing a song I wrote called "Your Love is Enough" (click here ...and if you look somewhere around the 2:40 mark on the video you'll see the birthday girl crying ...just in case she tries to deny it ! )

Thursday, October 28, 2010

# 1 Priority in my life right now!

What should I be for Halloween this year????

I wasn't big on Halloween until a few yrs ago. Actually I'm still not big on Halloween but I DO have tons of fun dressing up, going to the parties with my cousin, being goofy with co-workers, and my son gets a kick out of it. (good thing I'm not big on Halloween huh?)
This year I have NO IDEA what I'm going to be! Tomorrow the parties pop off and I have no costume yet!! EEEEEK!
So today guess where I'll be....

.........yup, somewhere organizing a costume!

Here are a few blasts from my spooky past...

"Cal meh now fuh yuh free readin!" lol

Moulin Rouge one year
(thankfully there was no PTA meeting that day) 

Hippie Dippie


Roman Empress at work...
then at a party with my cousin, the sexy crooked cop :) 

Mile High Club

So the question remains,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey baby I'm a rockstar!

So I made it home not too long ago (almost 1am) and I really should be getting MUCH needed beauty sleep but instead I'm up blogging. Yup, I'm living the life of Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll......minus the drugs, and oh yeah the sex.
Today I received an unexpected message to head over to the city to sing. I happily traded in my "to-do" list for my "set list" because I had no idea what was going to transpire and I wanted to be prepared.
When I arrived at The Red Lion, I found out I was going to sing a capella.
If you've read my previous blog entries (hint hint) you'd know that a very talented group of singer/songwriters/musicians grace that stage every month, so it was my absolute honor to share the stage with them.

Here's Markeisha
(avid Star Wars fan by the way...she gave my son homework...on Star Wars!)

Here's part of the group from left to right: 
 Markeisha, Kirsten, Bruce and Skip Brevis (who is MEAN on the keys!)

And as a special treat, Genie "Pepper" Swinson was not only in da building,
 but sang "God Bless The Child"

I was so busy singing and shaking my tuckus in front of Jake Holmes (devishly handsome and ridiculously talented man) that I forgot to assign someone for camera duty to take pics of ME!!!.... but that's ok.
The highlight of my night was when my son said that I "did a great job" and was "terrific".  Not even Clive Davis or Quincy Jones could top that (although it wouldn't hurt if they said it too :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes the little moments give the greatest joy...

Sunset in Bayonne, NJ

So after a busy week, it was nice to wind down with two of my fave people: Ana and Jo.
We met for coffee to catch up on each other's lives, and everytime we meet, it seems as though no time has passed. They are funny, intelligent women and no topic is taboo I absolutely love them!

On another note, my son has started a blog! The world (at least mine) is NOT going to be the same...who knows WHAT he will say!
But to find out, even I am following his blog, so check out his life's journeys here ...smh !

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A "Diamond" in the rough...

Diamond Isis
Today is my friend Diamond's birthday. I met her at Sunday dinners at her sister's house and when I first met her she seemed a little reserved... pleasant, but reserved.
It didn't take long though for me to find out what a character she is! She finds humor in just about anything and we (her sis and I) usually end up in pain from belly-aching, face-hurting, can't-breathe kinda laughter!! I SO think she needs her own show because a comedian she certainly is...but what I did NOT know was her story.

One day (on Facebook) she posted 25 things that we may not have known about her, and with her permission I am sharing with you:

"1. At age 3, I stuck a key in the socket and was electrocuted.
 2. At age 4, I could already read on a 2nd grade reading level.
 3. At age 7, I performed with my ballet troupe at Radio City in NYC.
 4. At age 12, my uncle made an attempt to molest me > SHH!!!! Keep it a secret....with my big ass mouth it was no longer a secret.
5. At age 16, I was date raped, wound up pregnant and aborted the child.
6. Six women have expressed their desire to be in a relationship with me.
7. There was a women this year who made me feel like Omg... when she read me some poetry..... ( I could have made love to her)!!!!
8. At age 16, I was an alcoholic, cause I hated my life!
9. I attempted suicide once...I failed miserably!!!!
10. My parents never prepared me for all the Bullshit games and people life had to offer!
11. In 8th grade I convinced 2 of my friends we should shoplift and sell what we stole as profit. We were making a killing until I got caught!
12. I am a love and sex junkie and don't care.
13. I am a freak of nature...
14. I love with every atom and molecule of my being.
15. If you are capable of shattering my hard exterior..I will love you forever..
16. Right now I am abstinate.
17. I am going to be a successful entrepreneur with lotsa $$$$$$$$$ to help others.
18. I love to read and write poetry....
19. I am my own worst enemy.
20. If you betray me I cut you off immediately without notice.
21. I love to have gritty, grimy, sweaty workouts.
22. I love to laugh more than cry.
23. I have a weakness for fair-skinned men, with beautyfull eyes and lips, and a moustache and goatee!!!! I get all warm and fuzzy inside and outside!
24. I am passionate with purpose.. and finally...
25. I have enjoyed the experience of having two men sexually at one time!!!!"

When I read this my heart and eyes were full. She has gone through so much in her life already, yet when you meet her you would never know. So today my friend I commend you for smiling through the pain, I thank you for making us laugh and I wish you the happiest birthday and God's Speed for many more.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorry we're closed! Boo!

My son has his own business. Yes his own business!
He sells stationery supplies, his own booklets (he's an author/illustrator as well) and some other little knick-knacks. And guess what? He's not even a teen yet, however he's already realized that THIS is one of the things he wants in be an entrepreneur.

The "store" front sign posted in our home.

Booklets he's written

How did this all start? Well about 2 years ago, I was telling him how to organize himself for homework and his reply was "I don't like people telling me what to do!"
As my eyebrow hit my hairline, "oh no he didn't!!" popped into my head and I felt myself morphing into Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I said to him "in life you will find there are times when people will tell you what you have to do. Right now it's me, in school it's the teachers, when you get older it will be the law and when you go to work it will be your boss. When it comes to your education there is no compromise, with your teachers and the law if you don't follow the rules you face the consequences and if you don't want a boss then be one!"
Well somewhere in my speech he gathered that if HE was the boss not only will he be able to set the rules, but also have more time to enjoy other things (particularly video games), and so his business was born.

At first he would sell pencils and markers sporadically to family and a few friends, and we all thought it was really cute. Then when we visited places, instead of souvenirs for himself he'd ask me to buy a whole bunch of stationery. As time goes by, we are witnessing his growth...he is literally minding his own business.

He's established his business hours (after school and before bed) and during the weekends as well.  

Note that the gum is NOT included with the gumball machine... lol   

He changes his store signs according to the season, he offers sales and other promotions and although I offer input occassionally, he is definitely the one nurturing it. (His latest requests by the way are a blog and business cards! SMH)  
I watch in awe and admiration... and who knows? Perhaps years from now he'll be saying "I guess even back then you could call me C.E.O. of the..."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pakistani Pie?

Never heard of it? Well neither had I until I met Saad Haroon.

Saad Haroon

Saad is a comedian from Pakistan and he tells the story of life in Pakistan through comedy and music. He realizes that there are many misconceptions between Pakistani and American cultures and has found a humorous way to bridge the gap.
Saad himself has a very colorful background. Born and raised in Hong Kong, lived in the US while he studied at the University of Massachusetts and now living in Pakistan, he is hoping to take his comical routine worldwide.
He entertained us with "Oh Mama": a funny story about a boy who tries to explain to his mother that he has fallen in love with someone who is not of the same religion or cultural background.
Another tummy tickler is "Burka Woman" which he sings to the music of the American classic "Pretty Woman". Saad finds the lighter side of the burka (the traditional cloak worn by some Muslim women) to show that yes, there are differences in their culture and the Western World but that's okay too. At the end of the day "we are all human".
Saad accompanied by Asim Khan

He also regaled us with "Pakistani Pie" (a spinoff of "American Pie") which goes a little deeper into Pakistani culture and the variances within the Muslim community.
It's a very fun way to learn a bit of history, and since history was never one of MY fave subjects, I'll take a piece of that Pakistani Pie!

(One way to keep up with Saad Haroon is on facebook, click here)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kudos to the best YOU!!

"The man who is swimming against the stream, knows the strength of it"
~ President Woodrow Wilson.

When I started this blog entry today, I was initially going to address single moms, but I have decided to address EVERYONE out there on their daily grind!
It is not easy sometimes. We have 24 hours to fit in the job, work a double shift, part-time job, the kids, our DREAM jobs, school, extra-curricular activities, reading, writing...the list goes on. We ALL have the same 24 hours, yet sometimes it seems like it's never enough. Sometimes we feel burnt out...or we're trying to come up for air...catch our breath...or are barely making it through the day!!

For the past two weeks that is EXACTLY what I have been doing. Transitioning to a new department, helping my child adjust to a new grade, finishing my degree, working on my music, back and forth to all kinds of activities and events, you name it. That does not include taking care of the home front, squeezing in time to read novels/mags, MAYBE watch a movie here and there (yes I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on the movie scene) and catch up with family and friends (I'm sure some of them have written me out of their Will !)
Lately that seems to be the common thread with a lot of my friends too: busy/ working/ studying/ gigging/ hustling...but you know what? We are doing it, and striving to be better individuals.

Add to that the HATERS!!! I don't usually address haters, cause I don't even like the word "hate". But unfortunately in life you will come across people who do just that: HATE! They don't like whatever: the color of your skin, your attitude, your confidence, your success, your car, your job, your hair, you! WHATEVER!
They don't see your struggles, your hard work, your making-ends-meet, the late nights, the early mornings, your passion, your drive, your heartaches, your pain, your love, you!
For those people I pray......TO GET OUT MY DAMN WAY!!! lol
I mean seriously!!! WHY HATE??
This week I learned a new acronym for HATERS: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. Don't be mad! Stop letting fear guide your life, and stop harboring hatred! Like Will Smith said "hate in your heart consumes YOU".
Get out there and do what YOU want to do in YOUR life.
And no, it is not easy but it is better to try and fail, than to fail to try.

So KUDOS to all my peeps and anyone who's doing their best. STANDING OVATION for you, and heck yeah for me too! lol
Special shout outs to Robbie Rob, Sheils, Mich, Esha, V, Natalie Slamming, Anika, Lauren, Rhondon, Charlene, Briz, Tionna Smalls, Diamond Isis, Karim Rasul, Galia, Kirsten, Ana, Johanna, Mella, Nell and Mel.

I pray that God Blesses you in all your endeavours.
Much luv from my heart straight to yours!

Friday, October 1, 2010

An American Idiot and a Bloody Jackson

American Idiot is a musical about three best friends who, after 9/11, try to figure out what they want in life.
It is compelling, definitely energetic, GREAT music......just go see it! And if you're lucky to get a ticket by THIS Sunday (Oct 3rd) then you'll see Billie Joe Armstrong (Mr Green Day himself) perform as well!

Billie Joe Armstrong

After the show we had the opportunity (Thanks NARAS) to meet the Director Michael Mayer and some of the cast. They gave us a little insight into what it takes to perform in such a show every night; they certainly work their butts off!
The very next night we headed back to Broadway to check out "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson".

I had NO idea what to expect but surprisingly it is a very entertaining view of history. It tells the story of Andrew Jackson: how he fought the British and the Spaniards, and "shafted the Indians" in the "best interest" of the United States. It is witty and fun, and I'm always fascinated by how much dialogue the actors retain and their delivery of it...AMAZING !

Composer and lyricist Michael Friedman on the right
Alex Timbers who wrote and directed the play not pictured here.

Special Thanks to NARAS for organizing the Q&A after the show with some of the members of the creative team.

Cosmos and Colin

This past Monday despite the rain I headed to The Red Lion on Bleecker St for their Songwriting Circle. I had the pleasure of hearing the usual musical elite (Galia Arad, Chris Tedesco, Kirsten Thien and Jake Holmes--on whom I'm beginning to develop a stalkerish crush J

The gang at the Red Lion

 Joining the crew this time was Charlie Feldman and George Wurzbach. I love Charlie's "You're Not There" and George Wurzbach's "Much Better View of the Moon".

Charlie Feldman - also wrote the steamy "Taxi Love"

George Wurzbach

Just when I thought I'd call it a night, my friends enviegled me to head over to Slane Public House to hear Colin Smith and let me tell you, NOONE has to "enviegle" me to hear him anymore! (newfound target to stalk! lol)
He is bada**! He plays the heck out of a guitar and almost sang my undies right off me...ok TMI...and did I mention he's super sexy with a hot Irish accent??? (Droooooooooool!)
Colin Smith

I ended up staying for his 2-hour set, a few cosmos and left highly impressed with a copy of his SIGNED cd in hand. The cd doesn't even do him justice, I think he is SO PHENOMENAL live and a must-see if you're in NYC...I promise you will fall in love!
Check out his debut cd "The Wilderness" and if you want more Colin click here

 Guess I know what my Mondays are gonna look like...Cosmos and Colin!

“We all have been given a gift of one kind or another;
 it is important to realize and utilize those gifts for the benefit of mankind.” .
~ Kelly Meyer, activist