Friday, February 11, 2011

"...being kind to ourselves..."

"...being kind to ourselves is a pre-requisite to being kind to others." ~ Mark Nepo (The Book of Awakening).

Yesterday I went for my pamper appointment with The Massage Mogul, Rob of Just1Touch.
Ladies, I'm telling you, he is the one! Women line up at his door...literally! I met a group of friends yesterday who was vying for the #1 spot in his life (I'm not worried though...I know I hold that spot already Nyah-Nyah )

The prelude to being "touched" by the massage mogul

We forget to treat ourselves sometimes. We take care of our children, sometimes our parents or siblings, or even our friends, and we forget the people who need it most: OURSELVES!! 
It's like the analogy about being on an airplane, they always tell you to put on your own oxygen mask (God forbid you need it) before you help your child or anyone else, because to be of any use to someone else, you have to be of use to yourself.
There've been times when I've been beyond frazzled: snapping at the slightest thing, completely on edge, because I was stressed out. At one point in my life I didn't even realize just how stressed out I really was. I internalized everything and soon enough it took a toll on my body. Besides being a major crank and irritable majority of the time, I had chest pains and even started losing my hair! Yes, stress can cause loads of issues and when a trip to the doctor proved it was only stress, I realized I really needed to take better care of myself.

Inviting isn't it?

It doesn't take much either, just a willingness to want to be a better you. And trust me, I know it's difficult with families, full schedules and anything else you could think of, but honestly we find the time to do the things we really want to do. 
So promise yourself this very moment that you'll be kinder to yourself. Relax a little, laugh till your sides hurt, read that juicy book, have that glass of wine, forget your routine once in a while, be pampered and love yourself...totally!

Me after the massage....when I found my chi  

Ladies, ask for Will for Foot Reflexology and Fellas don't feel left out, Shakira* is on staff to do your massages.
*not the Columbian singer although this Shakira's hips probably don't lie either. 

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Trini_Redz said...

Hmmmmm absolutely TRUE. I remember seeing Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah once and they basically said the same thing. If you keep giving to others without replenishing yourself, you wont have anything left to give. We have been taught, mostly I think its a cultural thing, to be ever giving and in so doing we are neglectful of ourselves. I've seen my grandmother and mother both dedicate their full lives to raising their kids. And yes this is so admirable but what happens when the kids do go out on their own after a lifetime of wrapping yourself up into them? Its important I believe to have a balanced life, where you take care of your kids but you also make time to take care of you. Because without a strong and healthy, physically and spiritually you what would your kids have. Also teach by example so that your kids know its ok to nurture their interests and chase their dreams and make time for what makes them happy.