Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's all about staying the course.

A friend sent me this clip of Chaka Khan playing the drums. I didn't know Chaka played drums!  But what struck me most about this interview was the fact that the young Chaka admitted to moments in her life when she thought it (music/business) very hard and perhaps she should stop pursuing it.
35 years later Chaka is a living legend!

As a singer/songwriter on my own journey in this music business, I find comfort in those words. It DOES take a LOT of work! Add to that all the pieces of life and you begin to understand why some people look at you like  0_0 (blank stare) when you say you're pursuing a music career! (Right now there's laundry to be done and this house needs to be cleaned but I gave the housekeeper (me) the night off!)

" withhold is to perish" ~ Kahlil Gibran. I do this (music and writing) because there is a voice within me fighting to be heard. If I don't sing, if I don't write, I feel like I'll just burst!
If I don't express myself and allow my voice to be heard, that voice inside me will die.

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