Thursday, February 3, 2011

"One need not lose hope"

I follow Jane Fonda's blog and her recent post was interesting to me. It's about her meeting Stephen Hawking.
I had no idea who he was but when Jane mentioned that he is a "great physicist" despite the fact that he's "had ALS for 50 years" that peaked my interest.
Matter of fact, I didn't even know what ALS was ("Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord").
Stephen Hawking has written a book, several scientific papers etc and his story is really touching. After reading this, you will re-think the word "can't"...and according to Stephen "one need not lose hope".

Read about Jane's meeting with him:

And click here to read more on Stephen Hawking and how he found out he had ALS.

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