Friday, February 4, 2011

Good Times...

Heading out to celebrate one of my besties' birthdays

At Patria Lounge with Ana (birthday girl) and Johanna (the other bestie)

I totally blame the sangria !

Raspberry Almond Cheesecake...
...flavor created by yours truly for Cakes Galore by Sheila!

mmm mmm mmm BUSTED...
...Diamond scraping the remnants of cheesecake off that knife

Lo Mein styled cupcakes...yes CUPCAKES people!
I know, I know, take a minute to wrap your head around it...all edible confectionery!

mmmm cupcakes...sharing one with my little buddy Hannah

Cupcake? What cupcake?

See? This is why you don't give kids sugar!

1 comment:

Johanna said...

Yea, okay (side ways glance) Blame it on the! (the one we we complained about how weak it was...lmao)