Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Card from my son for Valentine's

Yesterday was the Valentine's frenzy. I saw last-minute shoppers raiding the shelves for chocolates, flowers and cute little teddy bears (ahem, yes I was one of them lol) 
Some people argue that this grandiose show of affection should be expressed every day of the year, not only on February 14th. Others are glad for the opportunity to receive gifts and a little boo-lovin! lol
My night met me wrapped up in my 300 count sheets (yeah 3 sheets of 100 count each) recuperating from the Grammy party.Laughing out loud
Regardless of how you spent it, I hope you enjoyed your day!

Valentine's fact: People buy the most flowers on Mother's Day, Valentine's ranks 2nd!
For the origin of Valentine's click here

Do you have a funny Valentine story/ experience? Feel free to leave a comment and share!


Trini_Redz said...

Very cute card, I'm sure that made your heart melt way more than any present coming from someone else. For me V-day is just another day, I like that people do take the time to show expressions of appreciation and love but what people do all year round is what matters to me. My friend just told me last night he read that men spend on average $175 on V-day, while women spend $70 lol. He isnt too happy about the disparity in spending but to me its not how much you spend but what you take the time to do. Simple things make me happy, and simple doesnt always have to be expensive :)

Mandy Bennett said...

BEST PRESENT EVER!!!! That's funny re: the price diff lolol
And yes, it's the thoughtfulness behind it that matters most to me.